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Olson Toon’s Tulip Bulb Tips

May 10, 2016


It’s that time of year that we all look forward to.  Longer warmer days, getting outside to enjoy the spring bloom and feasting on farm-to-table produce!  Olson Toon Landscaping (OT)  is the proud sponsor of the Greenway Station Farmers’ Market.  As our sponsor, OT will have a booth at the market once a month offering engaging workshops, giveaways, and special retail items for purchase!  Details on the OT appearances at the GS Farmers’ Market will be posted on our event page.  Additionally, OT will be giving away 1,500 free reusable bags at the Greenway Station Farmers’ Market this season!  OT’s first, fun appearance at the market will take place on Thursday, May 19 for Greenway Station’s annual tulip giveaway.  For all the details on the tulip giveaway click here.  Since the giveaway at GS is fast approaching, OT has put together some useful tips on how to replant your free tulip bulbs.

Tulip Bulb Tips by Olson Toon Landscaping:
This is a good time of year to replant the tulips and new bulbs.  The giveaway bulbs will most likely still have green on them at Farmers’ Market event.  It is important to leave the green intact.  Prepare the soil before replanting with a “bulb boosting” fertilizer.  This can be purchased at most hardware stores.  Dig a hole 5-6 inches deep, place the bulb(s) in the hole with green stalk vertical and top of bulb approximately 2 inches below grade.  Hold stem with one hand and cover with fertilized supplemented soil.  The number of bulbs in each hole is a personal preference based on how one wants them to show in bloom.  This can vary from a single bulb spaced look to a 6-8 bunch display.  Once the green stem of the replanted bulb yellows and dies, you can cut and discard the above ground portion.  With the Forced Tulips, the first season after transplanting may result in a flowerless growth due to the stress of the previous year, however following seasons should produce pedals.

Good Luck and Happy Spring!

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