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Summer Beauty Just Got Hotter

June 3, 2016

Something we’re noticing here at Greenway Station is the increasing popularity of beauty services and products.  In fact, Women’s Wear Daily said that, “Makeup is the clear winner these days.  The category was up 13 percent for 2015.”  We’ve seen this category continue to perform well into 2016 and had our lifestyle blogger, Linh Nguyen, do a bit of research to find her favorite summer beauty trends and how you can achieve them!  Plus, you can learn more about Linh and read a fun Q&A we had with her here.

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Linh Nguyen | MODA Magazine

With the summer weather quickly heating up, now is the perfect time to check out some of the season’s hottest trends. From eyelash extensions to self-tanners, Greenway Station has got you covered and will help you look your best this summer. Check out some of my favorite trends below!

(1) Eyelash Extensions
Deemed the “new mani/pedi” by Cosmopolitan, eyelash extensions are becoming the latest addictive beauty trend. After going into your eyelash technician’s office, you will have about 80 individual lashes glued on top of your real ones. The effect is remarkably realistic, giving added volume to your lashes and decreasing the necessity for mascara and eyeliner.

Glimpse LASH, an upcoming eyelash emporium, will be opening at Greenway Station this June and will allow you to get your own set of eyelash extensions. Whether you’re too busy to bother with makeup or want to avoid messy mascara smudges at the beach, try out this new trend which leaves you with gorgeous lashes for about three weeks or longer if you don’t mine some maintenance appointments.
05.25.16 Glimpse LASH_Eyelash Extensions

(2) Laser Hair Removal
If you are sick of waxing, shaving and tweezing, laser hair removal could be the answer that you are looking for. Forget having to have your legs every time you want to wear shorts or a dress, or ending up with bumpy irritated skin afterwards. During the hair removal process, your hair follicles are targeted and pulses of light are emitted, which are attracted to the pigment of hair.

While the process may sound painful, Ideal Image said that most of their customers compare the feeling to that of a rubber band snap. Although permanent hair removal takes more than one session, results can be seen after just one time. Head to Ideal Image to get your free consultation today.

(3) Glow Getters
If you have a job that keeps you indoors, have naturally fair skin or want to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, essential glow getters will help you maintain your summer tan without having to spend long hours in the sun.  Top of the line self-tanning products have come a long way and can gives you a sun-kissed glow without any skin damage.

Self-tanning products have become increasingly popular because they allow you to skip the tanning beds and give yourself a natural looking glow at your own convenience. Stop into Soft Surroundings to check out some of their self-tanning beauty lines, such as Vita Liberata.
05.16 Soft Surroundings_Glow Getters