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Olson Toon’s Succulent Planting & Care Tips

June 8, 2016

After an incredibly well-attended tulip giveaway in May, Greenway Station has had the opportunity partner with Olson Toon Landscaping (OT) to offer another free Farmers’ Market event, this time it’s a workshop: “Succulent Planting for Dad.” At their workshop, OT will teach market-goers how to build one-of-a-kind succulent creations for Dad this Father’s Day. Shoppers can visit the Greenway Station Farmers’ Market on to attend the workshop on Thursday, June 16 where Olson Toon Landscaping will hold demonstrations every hour, on the hour from 8am-1pm. The first 50 workshop attendees will receive a free mini-succulent in a mini-planter, the first 150 workshop attendees will receive a free Olson Toon tote bag and all workshop attendees will have the opportunity to learn expert tips, purchase succulents, planters and accessories and enter to win prizes. For complete details on the event, please click here. Since the workshop is fast approaching, OT has put together some useful tips on how to plant and care for succulents.

Olson Toon’s Succulent Planting & Care Tips
We are seeing succulents everywhere these days. With the growing popularity of these easy-to-care-for mini plants, we want to show you how simple creating a succulent garden really is. The versatility of these stunning little plants make the possibilities endless as you create a truly unique succulent garden planter to enjoy year round. You’ll need four main components to begin your project:

1. A Planter

Pick a planter or container you love. Having holes in the bottom for excess water drainage is suggested, but not necessary. Just be sure not to over water your succulents. Try thinking outside the box when choosing a container – consider a vintage toy truck, old metal lunchbox, a large clamshell or a small tea cup, for instance.

2. Soil

Choose a soil that is very “fluffy” and drains well. These succulents like it dry just like their native desert environment.

3. Succulents

When choosing your succulents, don’t worry about matching, these stunners look great with anything. Pick the plants you love. Succulents are so unique and beautiful, coming in such a variety of colors (not just green). They also have some fun “common names” such as donkey tails, string of bananas, blue fingers, pork and beans, and baby toes. What conversation starters!

4. Soil Toppers

When creating your succulent masterpiece, it is a nice finishing touch to add pebbles or small rocks on the top to hide any soil. Possibilities are endless…sea glass, shells, beach rocks, river rocks, painted rocks, aquarium pebbles, etc. These toppers are optional; instead, you may choose to tightly pack your succulents so as to hide the soil from view. Whatever look you love, go with it.
World Market River Rocks

After gathering your supplies, take your container and line the bottom with a coffee filter. Why? This will keep any excess dirt from running out of the bottom drainage holes after watering. Fill with your planter with succulent soil and place your succulents. Start by placing your succulents in different arrangements and groupings so you can pick your favorite before digging a hole and planting. Look for contrast in color, height, and shape as you keep filling your container to your liking. The soil should be fairly loose, to allow for adequate draining, but not so loose that the plants fall over if touched. When you are finished, clean the edges of the container and “top dress” with rocks or pebbles if you choose to hide any visible soil. Enjoy your one-of-a-kind succulent garden container. Simply place in sunlight and water occasionally allowing the soil to dry out in between watering. Succulents like well drained soil. Whether you are showcasing your succulents indoors or out, a little water and sun is all they need. For more information on Olson Toon Landscaping, please visit