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Spring 2017 Fashion Forecast

October 26, 2016

Some of you might just be contentedly snuggling in to the thought of fall. But for those of you who are down about the shorter days and chillier weather, we have something springy to share! One of our core blog contributors from MODA Magazine watched all of the runways during Fashion Month and she’s put together her Spring 2017 Fashion Forecast so you can plan accordingly. Enjoy!

Maame Brewoo | MODA Magazine

As Fashion Month officially commenced we were left with its awe-inspiring, ready-to-wear looks for Spring 2017. The spread of oversized pieces, delicate chiffon, and exaggerated elements fall nothing of short of innovative. Regardless of the season, it seems the world of fashion never fails to find unique ways of remixing looks of the past into something fresh and original; and for this coming spring season, it is no different.

For some, it may seem a bit too early to discuss the hottest looks for Spring, given that autumn has just made its presence. But in high fashion, it is never too early to plan for a season or two in advance! And if you’re excited to see what the major fashion designers have put together, look no further. Here are the top looks from from fashion month:

1. Gucci
Gucci came out with some very unconventional yet pleasing looks for spring. The first look resembles the classic silhouette of a renaissance dress, but with a twist. The juxtaposition of delicate elements like chiffon & embroidered florals with an edgy, leather, statement belt creates a very unique number. Looks like Party City threw up all over the second look. Just look at all that tinsel! And you gotta love mermaidy vibe it gives off with its whimsical gradient of metallic blues, pinks and turquoise.

Photos: Yannis Vlamos /

Gucci 1 Gucci 2

2. Balenciaga
Balenciaga really emphasized the oversized and structured look for spring. When I saw the first look, the first thing I instantly thought of was Gru from Despicable Me. From the exaggerated shoulders to the model’s facial expression, this is what Gru would look like in real life if he was ever in a fashion. I commend you, Balenciaga, for taking inspiration from an animated movie, even if it was unintentional. The round ottoman pouf handbag and vibrant inflated lifejacket also fall into the categories of oversized, structured, strange and unexpected if you ask me. Who would have thought that household furniture and life-saving devices would make its way into high-fashion? Balenciaga, that’s who.

Photos: Monica Feudi /

Balenciaga 1 Balenciaga 2

3. Louis Vuitton
Cut outs in outerwear is the name of the game for Louis Vuitton. And for the first look, it combines both elements. An asymmetrical slash across the chest and under one armpit on a double-breast trench is apparently all you need to look fly this spring. For the second look, it seems like catwoman decided to keep the top half of her iconic latex and throw on an elegant outerwear with sleeves resembling an oversized flower bulb. Très Chic!

Photos: Yannis Vlamos & Kim Weston Arnold /

Louis Vuitton 1 Louis Vuitton 2

4. Loewe
The first look is scrunched up and ready to go… onto your mattress. Really feeling the fitted bed sheet vibes with the number, Loewe. But ruching is not the only notable trend for the spring. As you can see in the second look, the fringed sleeves have surpassed the model’s hand! Nonetheless, it looks like she can still grip onto the fabulous mustard bag as she struts the runway. Bravo!

Photos: Umberto Fratini /

Loewe 1 Loewe 2

5. Céline
Looks like someone had some fun with blue paint in this first look! But I like it, it’s very contemporary, modern, and belongs in an art museum, if you ask me. And for the second look, it’s all about the layers, layers, layers.  4 layers to be exact: starting with a pair of trousers, a pointed peter pan collared dress, an asymmetrical skirt and ending with a calf-length trench.

Photos: Monica Feudi /

Celine 1 Celine 2

6. Marques’ Almeida
Bringing back the style & grace of layers with Marques’ Almeida! In the first look, each of the layers collaborate so effortlessly to create a chic look. From the delicate tulle sleeves, to the graphic tee, to the floral and lace slip dress, this is the epitome of a spring outfit. A shaggy lavender fur coat and tin-foil pants both serve as statements in the same outfit. Such contrast in color and texture may see odd at first glance, but I kinda dig it!

Photo: Marcus Tondo /

Marques Almeida 1 Marques Almeida 2