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Pantone’s Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report

January 13, 2017

BY: Maame Brewoo | MODA Magazine

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Although it may seem far away, the spring season is just around the corner! And what does this mean you might ask? Vibrant Pantone colors that need to make a debut in your spring closet! Luckily, the Pantone Color Institute has put together a report of the top ten colors for spring fashion. And if you need some inspiration for styling these colors, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top ten Pantone colors for spring and some pieces to try from an assortment of retailers at Greenway Station:

Pantone Spring 2017

1. Niagara [On the runway: Celine]
This particular hue of blue comes out on top as the most popular color for this spring. Representing serenity and harmony, Niagara is the perfect color to incorporate into your outfit if you wish to achieve comfort and balance. Try rocking this twirly, pleated skirt from Christopher & Banks with your favorite blouse.

2. Primrose Yellow [On the runway: Simone Rocha]
Standout this spring in a vibrant number. Not only does Primrose yellow give off a mellow vibe, but it will also make feel a sense of confidence. Cheer up (even on those rainy spring days), as you strut around in this bright raincoat from Pendleton in Goldenrod.

3. Lapis Blue [On the runway: Louis Vuitton]
Another blue coming your way! This time around we’re dealing with a bold shade, lapis blue. Try this lacy, lapis blue dress from Francesca’s if you’re heading to a fun garden party or if you just feel like embracing your fearlessness.

4. Flame [On the runway: Celine]
Next up we have red-orange hue with a name that says it all– Flame. This color will definitely bring out your inner feistiness, and you better embrace it! And with this suave jacket from Chico’s you will be sure to be the center of attention.

5. Island Paradise [On the runway: Valentino]
Island Paradise is the epitome of serenity out of all the blues. Just as the name suggest, Island Paradise embodies the color of clear blue sky on a tropical island. Try this casual and comfortable sweater from J. Jill (in Soft Mountainside Heather) and you’ll instantly be reminded of that beautiful island every time you wear it.

6. Pale Dogwood [On the runway: Marques’ Almeida]
Pale dogwood, a blushy pink color will immediately add an element of femininity and class to any outfit. This blouse from LOFT (in Pink Fizz) perfectly encapsulates all the elements of pale dogwood while adding a sense simplicity and tranquility.

7. Greenery [On the runway: Balenciaga]
Also known as the color of 2017, Greenery gives off an outdoorsy and adventurous vibe. Incorporating Greenery into your look will make you feel like an adventurer, ready to take on anything that life throws your way. This top from Soft Surroundings (in Sweet Pea), simple yet chic, is the perfect piece to add into your closet this spring!

8. Pink Yarrow [On the runway: Valentino]
Pink Yarrow, a fuchsia pink, is a color that will make you feel as alive as the flowers in bloom! Strut around in this casual pink yarrow top from Soft Surroundings (in fuchsia), and you’ll be sure to stand out while feeling comfortable.

9. Kale [On the runway: Simone Rocha]
A deep green with attitude, Kale is a the perfect color to incorporate for those outfits that need a healthy touch of nature. Similar to Greenery, Kale connects us to the great outdoors. This chic and modern blouse from LOFT is a must-try for the spring, especially since it has a cute floral print.

10. Hazelnut [On the runway: Valentino]
And the last color to try for spring 2017 is hazelnut, a rich and creamy color that resembles a yummy chai latte. Hazelnut is the perfect neutral color for any outfit this spring. Try this suede top from Chico’s for a bohemian inspired look.