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Scents of the Season

November 3, 2016

Halloween may be over, but those of you who love fall know that we still have over a month left to enjoy it! Winter officially begins on December 21; until then, we’ve had one of our core blog contributors from MODA Magazine put together ideas on how you can experience the season with the greatest olfactory satisfaction!

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Linh Nguyen | MODA Magazine

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again: fall. Time to pull out your coziest knit sweaters, brush off your riding boots and enjoy a steaming cup of apple cider. If you are anything like me, you know that the best part of fall are the pumpkin flavored lattes and the cinnamon scented candles. No season has ever smelled better than fall. To show you what I mean, I have put together of list of my favorite sources for the season’s scents so you too can indulge in some of autumn’s greatest sensations.

1) Candles
Love the smell of pumpkin pie or apple crisp but aren’t exactly the baking type? A candle can be a simple way to spread the scent of your favorite fall treats throughout your house without actually doing any work. Light one before having guests over or before indulging in an end-of-the-day movie night.

BBW Autumn Candles

2) Hair Products
Don’t you love when a product can be used in more than one way? With pumpkin, apple, cinnamon or cranberry beauty products, styling your hair has never been so delicious. Try out autumn-themed style cream, leave-in conditioner or even hairspray to keep your hair looking great and smelling even better.

SS Pomist

3) Lotions and Body Butters
Along with the crisp chill of fall comes the negative side effect of dry skin. While choosing your typical lotion or body butter seems almost like a chore, investing in a new, fall-scented moisturizer can bring some fun into your morning and evening routines. For those with especially dry hands, consider trying a thicker Shea butter product for deep and long-lasting moisture.

WM Red Fruits & Cedar

4) Bath Time Products
If you are anything like me, pampering yourself can be the perfect fix after a long day at the office. My favorite way to unwind is with a relaxing bath, complete with bubbles and bath salts. Draw yourself a heavenly-scented bath by using seasonal scents (think apple pie and pumpkin spice) to bring your spa night to a whole new level.

WM Bath Beads