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New Core Contributors for 2017

February 27, 2017

Greenway Station is thrilled to continue curating content for this blog dedicated to providing editorial and news content revolving around our retailers, restaurants, relevant industries, and the community around us! We hope that this blog will provide our shoppers with refreshing and engaging material about fashion, food, furnishings and all of the other things that Greenway Station is made of! To make our content the best, we’ve partnered with some new core contributors from MODA Magazine. They’re truly wonderful contributors who are committed to inspiring our readers with exclusive content!

Read more about each contributor by clicking their image or name!

Julie Schiller Headshot Cropped
Julia Schiller | MODA Magazine

Cassandra Hurwitz Head Shot
Cassandra Hurwitz | MODA Magazine

Hamayail Ansari Headshot Cropped
Hamayail Ansari | MODA Magazine