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Meet Cassandra Hurwitz

February 27, 2017

Cassandra Hurwitz is a new contributor for our blog this year! She is a UW-Madison student studying English and Communication Arts with a love of puppies, pizza, and shopping for makeup and clothes. You can visit her personal blog here and/or follow her on Instagram and Pinterest. She’ll be writing exclusive lifestyle content for the Greenway Station blog this year.

Cassandra Hurwitz Head Shot
Cassandra Hurwitz | MODA Magazine

Q: Tell us about yourself! How did you end up working with MODA Magazine and what are your fields of expertise?
A: As a freshman beginning at UW-Madison, I was interested in finding a publication to write for. My roommate told me about Moda’s first meeting, and although I was nervous, I decided to go. After meeting the wonderful staff, I knew I had found the right publication for me. As a lifestyle writer, I focus on beauty, relationships, and general women’s issues. I primarily love writing about makeup, however also enjoy exploring other topics.

Q: What excites you most about blogging for Greenway Station?
A: I’ve loved shopping for as long as I can remember. To gain writing experience while also partaking in a beautiful shopping center’s team is an excellent opportunity for me. I can’t wait to learn more about all that Greenway Station has to offer.

Q: What are you studying at UW and how does it effect your view on lifestyle, décor and design content?
A: I am double majoring in English Literature and Communication Arts. As an avid reader and media-fanatic, these two areas are perfect for me. I am constantly reading both new and old classics, watching films, and learning how to improve my writing skills. This helps me to have a culturally informed view of the lifestyle topics I am writing about.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I like to dress in a classic, polished way, but always try to stay on trend. Recently I’m loving high-waisted jeans and Chelsea boots. I also have a slight obsession with quirky socks – there are so many hilarious patterns to choose from, like pizza, cupcakes, or hedgehogs.

Q: Describe a physical space that makes you happy?
A: Any room that has neutral, calming colors leaves me feeling relaxed and recharged. I’m a fan of grays, blues, and light purple, because I find they create a calming environment. I currently love the gray-toned bedding I have. This space gives me a place to unwind at the end of the day.

Q: Where do you go for writing inspiration?
A: In an ideal situation, I’d love to find a sunny patch on Bascom Hill or set up camp on the Terrace, right by Lake Mendota. Unfortunately the cold weather doesn’t allow for that, so I tend to sit by a window in my apartment, cuddle up under a blanket, and use the streets of Madison for inspiration.

Q: Are there any up-and-coming design trends that you love or hate?
A: I’ve seen a huge influx of Scandinavian minimalism in interior design. I love the look of neutrals with a few pops of pastel, and also can’t get enough of copper and rose gold accents. I love adding these touches to my current apartment.