Giving Back

Here at Greenway Station we take our role as corporate citizens to heart.  It’s reflected every day through our work with community partners and commitment to continually improving our sustainability practices.  We’re honored to be part of The Good Neighbor City.  Wherever possible, we look for ways to use our resources to support, engage and empower others.



Request Guidelines

Greenway Station is committed to serving a wide range of non-profit organizations in support of the many worthwhile charitable causes within the Middleton area.

Greenway Station will endeavor to accommodate donation requests where appropriate.  However, due to the large volume of requests made each month, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled.

Based on our corporate criteria, we do not provide support for:

-Organizations without a current 501 (c)(3) exempt status
-Individuals or private foundations
-Religious groups (except for secular activities open to those of all faiths)

Your request must be received at least three months prior to your scheduled event and must include:

-The date of your request
-Name and type of organization
-Mission statement
-A brief description of how the gift will be used
-Name, mailing address, email address and phone number
-Benefits of partnership

Please submit your request to:

Greenway Station
1650 Deming Way, Suite 106
Middleton, WI 53562