Gift Cards are valid anywhere at Greenway Station, including all stores, restaurants and hotels.  There are two ways to purchase a Greenway Station gift card:

1. Visit the Customer Service Office to purchase gift cards. Checks, cash and credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

2. Order gift cards online by clicking here. Maximum monthly limit for online orders is $500, however, additional orders may be coordinated at the Customer Service Office.

*Only a $2 processing fee per card (fee capped at $10 per transaction).




Make sure to enjoy the full value of your gift card. Click here to check the balance of your gift cards.

Gift cards start to devalue $2.50 per month only if the card is not used for a period of 12 months. Once the cardholder uses the card, that dormancy clock starts over again. The only exceptions are gift cards purchased prior to August 16, 2010 which devalue $2.50 per month beginning 12 months after purchase. These gift cards may be reissued at no charge for the full balance of the card as long as it is before the 13th month. Simply bring the gift card to the Greenway Station Customer Service office for reissue.